Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“A lasting partnership between the Latin American Community and Law Enforcement”

This is our WHY, our purpose, our cause, our believe!  This is what CALPO works towards; everything that we do points towards the fulfillment of our Vision.  We are intentional about Why we do things, How we do things and What methods we use to fulfill our Vision. If the immigrant experience has taught us anything, it has taught us to overcome, to remain focused and be courageous.

Join us in fulfilling our Vision. 

Our Mission

“To Develop our members, Support our partners and Inspire our Community”

This is our HOW, our Value Proposition, and our Guiding Principals. This is HOW we hope to ultimately achieve our WHY, our Vision.

Our Mission starts with YOU, with US – We are the leaders that have entered the world of law enforcement – you where hired because of your unique ability to lead, to take charge, to make the hard decisions when they need to be made. Our community needs leaders, are you up for the challenge?  Join us in fulfilling the Mission of CALPO.

Click these links to find out more about Developing Our Members, Supporting our Partners, and Inspiring Our Communities.