To inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, to animate someone.

The word inspire comes from the Latin – To Breath or better yet to Breath Into – to breath means to live. However, it’s not always easy to breath.

We take deep breaths when we need to clear our heads, when we feel like we have given it all, when we are at the verge of giving up. We also take a deep breath when we need to be strong, when failure is not an option, when the future is uncertain. Sometimes our fears, our anxieties, our failures take our breath away. The immigrant experience often encompasses all experiences.

CALPO wants to inspire the Latin American community to take on the cause for a just and peaceful Canada for all. CALPO wants to inspire Latin American youth to consider a career in law enforcement and that CALPO will be a resource to them.

It has been well documented that law enforcement need to build trust and mutual understanding with the communities that they serve. CALPO believes this trust and understanding needs to be genuine and transparent.

Our partners can trust that CALPO members have a strategic cultural advantage to take this message into our community.

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