A Call To Action

So now what?

So now you know our Vision – A lasting partnership between the Latin American community and Law Enforcement. You know our Mission – To Develop our members, Support our Partners and Inspire our Community. We have scratched surface about what each of those things mean to us.

Would you consider getting involved? Will you consider spending a few hours each month to the fulfillment of our Vision though the practical implementation of our Mission?

CALPO needs you to get involved, to share your thoughts, plans, career objectives and goals. To share your recruitment experience, how you prepared, the obstacles you faced. To share your observations of our community, the needs that you see and ideas on how we could supplement those needs.

Please stay in touch thru this website, and our social media platforms, we are on Twitter and on Facebook. Email us anytime through our contact page.

Thank you for taking to visit our website. We hope that you are as excited about the future as we are. Remember, law enforcement is #WorkThatMatters