The Canadian Association of Latino Peace Officers (CALPO) was founded in London, Ontario on August 24th, 2015. The Association was incorporated as a non-profit by Letters Patent in the Province of Ontario on September 17th, 2015. The task of choosing a name for the Association was a difficult one. Our name was chosen after much consultation and membership input. We are delighted that our name reflects the pride we feel as Canadian Peace Officers and at the same time honors our Latin American heritage.

The Association’s leadership structure was initially established as a Steering Committee evolving into Board of Directors. The inaugural Board is comprised of Constable Max Gomez of the Ontario Provincial Police, Probation Officer Ajejandro Adendaño of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Constable Sergio Mendez of the London Police Service. Inspector Luis Mendoza of the Ontario Provincial Police serves outside the Board providing Strategic Leadership and Partnership Direction.

The term “Peace Officers” is of significant importance to our Association. We believe that regardless of our role in law enforcement and the justice system, we all have the responsibility and privilege to be Peace Officers in the communities where we serve. Our membership includes Police, Probation, Immigration, Customs and Court Officers.

The Association is dedicated to forming a lasting partnership between the Latin American community and law enforcement. We are committed to supporting and working with law enforcement, social and private agencies that desire to reach out to Latin American Canadians in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

Our History just began. Stay tuned.

Learn More About our Vision & Mission, and meet our  Leadership Team.

Some brief Canadian Hispanic Statistics:

Canadian Permanent Residents by Latin American Source Countries (2003-2012)







Other Latin American Countries

49% of recent Latin American immigrants came from Colombia and Mexico.

SOURCE – Citizenship and Immigration Canada (2003-2012). 

Spanish is the single most spoken and fastest growing foreign language in Canada.



In 2011, 873 thousand residents of Canada reported speaking Spanish. 

This number is expected to be well over 1 million in the 2016 census.



75% of Canada’s Spanish Speaking Population are located in Ontario and Quebec



SOURCE – StasCan 2011 National Household Survey